What Is A Medical Exercise Specialist?

Most personal trainers can do only one thing: exercise training for healthy young to middle-age adults. And, yes, I do this but:

At Small Change, I can do far more.

Certified Medical Exercise Specialist:

If you have a chronic health problem or ongoing musculo-skeletal issue, you need someone who understands and can work with you and your health team in a knowledgeable way. This certification is the highest level ACE: The American Council on Exercise offers and along with my certifications in Orthopedic Exercise, Senior Fitness and Health Coach (nutrition and weight management), what it means for you is that if you have:

  • heart disease,
  • diabetes,
  • hypertension,
  • metabolic syndrome,
  • arthritis
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis
  • back or other joint pain or injury

I can help you exercise in a safe and effective way.


American Council On Exercise Certified
American Council On Exercise Certified


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