Nutrition From A New Perspective

If you want to lose weight and eat well and be healthy for life, you need something different than cycling from one “diet” to another, trying to count every calorie, depriving yourself of favorite foods only to not be able to deprive yourself. And then starting over again. You need to learn a new perspective and a new mindset that incorporates all the “imperfections” that make for a wonderfully unique you. What works for your neighbor may be completely wrong for you. I have one client who thrives on one low-carb meal a day. I’d die (well, not really, but I’d hate it). Another does best grazing her way through the day from toast with guac for breakfast to eggs at lunch to pasta and a beer for dinner.

Different bodies; different paths.

As a certified Precision Nutrition coach, I work with you as an individual on a journey to that better you. Is it a quick fix? No. Does it take work on your part? Yes. But we’re in it together, every step of the way.

Step by step: nutrition is a maze, an experiment, a journey