What is “Concierge” Training?

Why do I call myself a “concierge” trainer?

Part of this comes from the level of training and certification I have:

ACE: Medical Exercise Specialist/Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

ACE: Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

ACE: Senior Fitness Specialist

More of it comes from how I train:

Education so you can learn rather than simply mimic

Location variety: you can work with me at a small gym downtown or I can come to you or work through Skype

Nutrition and Weight Loss coaching available through email and online as well

Personalization of plans to meet your specific needs

Empathy and reflection

Does that mean I’m unaffordable?

No personal training comes without a price, both in monetary cost and in effort you need to put in. But I do try to find ways to make my training as reasonable as can be expected. Health shouldn’t be only for the wealthy. Typical current plans include but are not limited to:

  • Sessions at your home on an ongoing basis: $50/session
  • Sessions at studio melt in downtown Madison: $65/session
  • Couple or “Buddy” sessions: no extra fee
  • Short term or limited sessions such as a consultation with recommendations: $50 each meeting